Dji Mavic Pro: A Technique On How To Get A Professional Polished & Cinematic Grade Footage Tutorial


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Color presets and noise profile from

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Learn A Technique /Tutorial For The Dji Mavic Pro, On How To Get A Professional Polished & Cinematic Color Correct Grade For Your Footage.

If followed correctly, these tips and tricks can help get a filmic look very easily and can be applied to other footage such as the inspire and the phantom 4 pro etc. You will see and review the before and after results in the tutorial video.

Ideal best camera settings:

1) 2.7k is better vs 4k. There are many reviews explaining why its better.
2) D-log picture profile - it has the most dynamic range to work with
3) 25P - less compression per second vs 30P
4) Sharpness +1 for denoising / noise reduction (0 or less is too blurry/ muddy)
5) iso 100 - try keep it as low as possible as it introduces noise
6) Color presets / Luts and noise profile used from SpectrumGrades